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Welcome to Health and Healing Sheffield... health from the best of both worlds!

Are you interested in a reiki healing treatment from a friendly, professional and natural healer?
Are you in Sheffield, Barnsley, Chesterfield, Rotherham or South Yorkshire and are wanting to try out the relaxation and results that reiki gives? 

Do you find yourself curious about reiki and interested in how healing may be able to help you, physically, emotionally, sexually & spiritually?

Do you want to learn reiki and train in it I hope you enjoy this site and can find everything you're looking for here, feel free to get in touch with me here to book a treatment or if there's something missing that you want to know about!

Reiki Treatments

Reiki is often reported to help clients become more in tune with the best person they were designed to be. That's why so many people who've tried reiki say it's a great treatment to relax with and 'get you feeling back on track'. You might wish to hear more about how it feels etc. by reading some accounts from people who've had a treatment here.

The reiki healing takes place in a calm and tranquil therapeutic space, with soothing candles displayed and gentle background music. Professionally delivered, natural reiki healing can often feel tingly, relaxing, re-energising, inspiring, and can have the capacity to heal physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically in the body, mind & spirit.

Reiki works on balancing the 7 chakras (energy centres) within the body and around the aura. By positively invigorating each chakra to re-balance and heal itself - health and wellbeing can be beneficially affected, and 'dis-ease' returned back into a state of 'ease'. 

Reiki healing is wonderful for helping to treat and combat the feelings and symptoms of stress, and is effective for people who want to be released from feeling 'tense', 'anxious' 'fatigued', 'lost' or 'stuck' emotionally and creatively.

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Hypnotherapy, NLP, hypnotic coaching & relaxing Changework

Are you interested in hypnosis and therapy?

Could it be you're curious about hypnosis and how it can enhance our possibilities & capabilities, helping to remove any unwanted behaviours or thoughts and stresses that we acquire through life and replace them with positive successful ways for modern living? Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in re-training the mind's reactions.

It can re-wire phobias and fears, challenge critical thoughts about ourselves and develop a more confident, skilled up way of living.  It is very effective, and has a strong evidence base (e.g. around stopping smoking - see for more on this) . It offers a more formal approach to behavioural change, using therapy, guided relaxation and hypnosis states.

Could you transform your life? Check it out now! Find out more here!

Why offer different healing / therapies here?

We all view the world slightly differently. One of us may be used to a certain approach in life, another have a totally different experience or belief system.

The world has many different approaches, healing systems and beliefs about health as well. The best part, is that this has helped us all to discover many different abilities, techniques and answers for health and wellbeing in the exploration of this field. Because of this, I am fascinated in exploring different useful and powerful approaches from around the globe to help in boosting the health of people.

I found that reiki and hypnosis were both very effective therapies, using completely different systems. The two therapies offered are designed to meet our complex human needs through very different processes and experiences. 

" As both a trained, friendly reiki practitioner offering natural healing, and an insured hypnotherapy professional, with a formal code of conduct and busy hypnotherapy practice, both can offer realistic and achievable goals and changes, through a style the client instinctively prefers. What's better than a choice?" - Shauna Naylor

If you're not sure which therapy would be best for you, book a free consultation today with me, here in the relaxed and tranquil therapy room... What have you got to lose? Gain clarity and peace of mind now!

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